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Fionn - Infantry - CW by xDjurax
Fionn - Infantry - CW

-Edit 1/5/15- New sheet and new drawing to go with it! :D I'll add a small picture in the corner later (and now that I look at it again, the shade of his coat is a little off..Will fix that too!)

-Edit 20/11- Changed to the new sheet ^,^

-Edit 5/12- Added some stuff to his personality, after RPing with him some more I'm getting more of an idea of how he is.

-Edit 13/1- Still not happy with the way he was described here, it just didn't fit with my image of him in my head. I wonder if it ever will actually x) (added traits: 'No social skills' and 'Anger issues')


Name: Fionn
Gender: Stallion
Age: 25 years
Herd Affiliation: Bachelor Herd
Location: The West Island
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Rank:  Infantry  
Breed: Andalusian
Height: 14.4 hh

RP Sample

He was still a bit thrown off by all the smiles and the thank you he was receiving though, not used to 'nice personality's' at all. There just weren't a lot of those in the Bachelor herd, and if there were, Fionn was deliberately not
communicating with them or looking for their company. Ever. He was such a social butterfly.

So he just uttered his trademark "Hmh." again and started walking in the direction of the Great Pine. 'Hmh' was the best word invented after all, it could be used in so many situations and did not require him having to speak more letters than absolutely necessary. He could also pour as much hate or disinterest in the syllable as he wanted, making it perfect for shooting down any possible horses wanting to start conversation with him or expecting him to 'socialize'. Great word really, 'hmh'.

//RP Sample two

Amidst it all stood one dark-colored figure, his coat soaked but his eyes glowing with an intensity like never before. His breathing was deep and steady as he searched for a target. Every fibre of his being seemed to tingle with the energy that almost crackled through the air, caused by all of the emotions around him running high, not to mention his own. While he watched the scene before him a rough laugh left his throat, and he raised his legs, pawing at the sky. White teeth could still be seen in a slight smirk when he got back on all fours again. It had been too long; Too long since he had fought in a real war. Since he had heard and joined in with the cries of his herd as they charged into battle, prepared to win, or die while trying to. Just the thought of those Unicorn-loving bumbling fools running about on their ground, dirtying their air was making his insides boil and his teeth clench. They would pay for their arrogance, their illusions that they could win over the Bachelors -on their own territory at that- oh yes, they would pay.


Fionn might be on the smaller side, he makes up for it with training and training a lot. He's strong and sturdy with a broad build and powerful gaits. His hair however is the home of thousands of knots and always windswept. Matching with his mane and tail his coat too is quite scruffy and ragged. He sports a pair of piercing orange eyes and several scars all over his body, like most Bachelors.


Fionn doesn’t like too much talking. It's not that he's too shy to say something, he most of the times just doesn't feel like it. He’ll say something if he feels it’s necessary, but don't expect him to chat or converse just for the hell of it or to break the silence. Only if he really likes/respects or thinks another horse is interesting, he may strike up a conversation.

Uncaring/rude attitude
"..I really don't care about you and your sad life story, to be honest."
Often Fionn just doesn't give a hoot about what others think or how they feel. He positively hates overly sensitive or whiny horses. Often he'll stare at another with this dead expression, wishing for them to get over it already.

Fiery/Addicted to battle
"Come at me."
A battle? A challenge? Bring it on. When Fionn is in fighting-mode, he seems to adopt a whole different persona: His eyes become alive and his expressions show much more easily on his face. He loves battling, doesn't matter if it is with another horse or a maned wolf. Over the years he's gotten addicted to the thrill of battle.

"Unicorns? Hah, show me one first, then we'll talk."
He doesn’t like talk about gods or other such things. He wants to see something first, and only then believes. And if something happens the way it does, then you’ll just have to cope with it. No use in crying or dreaming in the past: You just got to move on.

"Your breathing is annoying me."
Especially in the mornings.

No social skills
During the rare times that Fionn strikes up a conversation that is not work or fight related for whatever reason, he often finds himself at a loss. He just doesn't really know how to be 'nice' to someone..Let's just say he doesn't have a lot of practice in this field. He is very untactful and comes across as very gruff and awkward.

Fionn might just have a little anger-management problem..Once he snaps, he snaps. If this is the case he can go from seeming to be calm and uncaring to rage in a second. There is a line, and if that line is crossed, Fionn'll make darn clear that that is not something to be repeated. 

If Fionn respects you, he’ll go through the fire for you. He is very protective of the ones he respects or loves, so don’t try saying negative things about them to him, or you’ll be one fight richer. Respect is earned though, so he might be trying to test you out at first. It’s his way of making sure that the one he fights for is worth it, so that he’ll be able to fight to the best of his abilities without any doubt.

Fionn is a horse that thinks that everyone needs to strive to become better and stronger, to be able to serve not only the herd but also himself. Only a strong horse can protect it’s dear ones and is able to walk with pride and confidence.

Fionn is very protective, of pretty much anything. Of his herd, his honour, his territory..Everything. And especially of the foals. This is because of his own childhood. He likes interacting with the younglings of the herd, sometimes passing some advice to any of them listening. He'll be willing to talk to them a lot more though he'll try not to let anyone notice. He’s very protective of them in a hurt-them-and-you’ll-die way. (excluding the ‘X’ they receive on birth of course, this is an important ritual that will only make the foal stronger in the future)

Following along the lines of the motto of the Bachelors (A horse who cannot run is no horse at all) he adds for himself that ‘A horse without honour and pride is no horse.’ Because if you don't have your honour and confidence in yourself, what is left?


Fionn was born as a small foal and almost didn’t survive his birthmark. He fell ill and many thought he wasn’t going to make it, but by some miracle he did. From the moment he could stand (something most thought wasn’t ever going to happen) he was determined to prove everyone that he would be just as strong and healthy as any other horse, even if only because his mother was having a very hard time for producing such a ‘weak, useless foal’. He loved her like every foal loves his mother and hated seeing her suffer because of him.
He learned to not talk back when the other foals taunted him about his height, because they’d only laugh and insult him more. No, he would just charge, often resulting in him being beat up badly. It was the only way of retaliation that he knew, though, and he just couldn’t keep his temper in check anyways. This taught him how to defend himself, and has made him grow into a hardened stallion.
As he grew older he often went off alone, sometimes for days, just to train. One time while he was out he met a loner, an old stallion. They would meet up more often after that encounter, and the loner would tell him stories and teach him a lot of things. They’d also spar and practice battles. When one day Fionn showed up –covered with gashes and cuts again- the old stallion decided he’d start learning him the techniques of stealth. To move silently, to be able to hide in the shadows…This would help Fionn to be less noticed by his peers if he wanted to.
The loner slowly became like a father figure to Fionn, who was never recognized by his own father. His sire was too ashamed of producing such a small weak foal and liked to pretend he didn’t exist.
He slowly gained muscles and even height, and he would be laughed at less often. He started to carry himself with confidence instead of shame, and decided to never go back to ‘the pathetic thing he was’. He became more accepted by the herd.
Then one day the loner told him that he was leaving that evening. He said, “I’ve taught you all I know, and now you will have to use that knowledge to become a great stallion, and prove everyone wrong.” Fionn vowed that he would never stop trying to improve, and thanked him for all that he had done for him. Then they parted ways, and he never saw him again. It was a full moon that night.
He is still not a very big horse, only 14.4 hh, but he certainly doesn’t feel inferior because of his height anymore. Instead he actually grew up to be a pretty dominant stallion, not liking to be looked down upon in the least and not budging for anyone anymore. He doesn’t necessarily look down upon the weak ones: He does however certainly look down upon the weak ones that are doing nothing to improve themselves.


Fionns Tier Tracker:…

Reference for pose: xxMysteryStockxx

Group: :iconchevalin-wanderlust:
Whirlwind by xDjurax
You better dig
and take a look inside yourself

so the story goes or
so I've heard it said

that you left your land
to trade for a place

so far away</i>


This is a commission for oddmountain of her girl Iso. I love her Egyptian history/accesoires, so thought I'd do a matching desert-y BG. Hope I got her personality and markings right, oddmountain! :D
:bulletgreen:Commission info:…
Reference:… Chunga-Stock

You are not allowed to use/repost this art in any way or form or gain any money from it. Only the rightful buyer of the commission (oddmountain) is allowed to use this art. Please respect these rules.
CW|Tragedy Herd|Odette by xDjurax
CW|Tragedy Herd|Odette

I HAVEN’T EVEN COMPLETED THE ACTIVITY CHECK YET I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON T-T This was just too good to resist *slinks back into dark corner of CW again*

Name: Odette

Age: 35

Breed: Purple Shetland PEGASUS

Rank: Wannabe-Empress

Ambitions: First, taking over the herd. Then, WORLD DOMINATION. After, naturally, a manicure and possibly some tea.

Personality: Odette is most certain that she is better than everyone in this whole herd. Honestly she doesn’t understand why she isn’t the Empress, apart from the fact that she’s certainly got that intimidating-leader-appearance going on, she is the only REAL PEGASUS around here. Those non-winged creatures should all bow down to her!

Sensitive topics that should be avoided when around:

-Eyebrows. Just, don’t say anything about her eyebrows..

-“But these wings are fake-“ Oh no you don’t. You’re not gonna live that down. THEY ARE REAL. REAAAAAAL.

History: It was a beautiful, moonlit night when Odette stumbled upon a group of magical pegasi while taking a walk on her own. They granted her her divine wings and with the unfolding of her newly-received treasured wings her beautiful personality, too, bloomed. From that day onward, Odette knew she was chosen to do great deeds in this world.

Other horses of the Tragedy herd report that they saw her snuffling around in a strange, old and worn container that we humans would refer to as a ‘garbage-can’, then pull out some pink-wing-shaped object. This is of course, as Odette says, a complete lie. They are all just jealous.


Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead and that I’m working on new drawings, I just don’t have as much time for them right now because of school exams! So there’s a small delay in commissions, I’m sorry. On May the 27th is my last exam (chemistry O.o) so until then I’ll be a bit slow (I do hope to be able to have posted some new stuff before then though ;)) After that I hope to pick up the pace again :D

~xDjurax :wave:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm just another internet person who loves to draw and art and sing in the shower :la: So don't be afraid of me, I love to chat and meet new people :iconimhappyplz:

:bulletgreen:Commission info:…

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